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HUGO-SERKKU (Cousin Hugo)- The story

Sanni and Joonas are 6 and 8 years old siblings. They spend their winter in Barcelona, together with their mother, Susanna and cousin Hugo. Hugo is few years older than the siblings and both of them would like to spend time with him herunterladen. After short game of football with other friends, Hugo decides to go to the city with Hugo and Sanni has to stay to the beach with her mother and Susanna.

The boys hang around the streets of the big city and tell each other exaggerated stories free youtube downloaden gratis mp3. They try to find shelter from the rain and the street dog in a small newsstand. After the rain stops they are not sure where they are. Suddenly Hugo remembers a great spot from the nearby, and the boys head to that direction. In the meanwhile Sanni is at the beach, eating ice cream, admires sand sculptures and swims in a cold sea. The boys arrive to the Parc Guell, which is full of tourists download amazon e book. Hugo tells that he remembers a secret route, so they don’t have to queue or pay. They don’t find the secret route and Hugo comes up with another plan. The boys head to the gate and tell to the guard that they have lost their parents, who are still inside the area. The guard lets them inside.

After being a moment inside the Parc, they meet the same dog that was following them earlier. The dog tells that he is the guard dog of the palace of the count of Catalonia radiothek herunterladen. It has lost the keys to the treasury, that is located on the secret hallways under Parc Güell. The dog suspects that the keys have dropped to the caves, in which you can enter from the back of the Parc. So starts the imagination adventure which is reported by a commentator. The wild adventure ends just before the grande finale to a phone call by Susanna lego star wars die komplette saga herunterladen. She asks the boys to return home and they head off continuing telling the exaggerated stories. When boys arrive home, Hugo heads off.

Joonas sits in a swing and his imaginary friend that looks like Gaudi comes to talk with him again. They chat about friendship when suddenly Sanni appears and Gaudi disappears. Siblings continue talking about the family and the new baby. Suddenly they realize they are hungry and they go inside to demand that Susanna takes them to pizza gta 5 for mobile for free. Susanna agrees and they head to the nearby plaza. The siblings keep talking and they enjoy being together. After dinner they walk by the beach and go through the things that happened during the day.  They both agree that after all it’s great to have siblings and dogs are great as well. “When we head home, let’s tell mother that we want to have a dog!” The group comes home and the mother wonders where they have been whole day samsung galaxy s6 klingelton herunterladen. Sanni laughs that they had so much fun that they forgot to leave a note. After that she starts a game of tag and runs away from Joonas.

The themes of the book are imagination/reality, lie/truth, friendship, loneliness, fear of change and the diverse family. The scenes of the story are the streets, parks and the metro of Barcelona, beach of Barceloneta and Parc Güell. On the pages of the book appears some well known characters from Catalonia download bts songs. The book is continuation of the first Sanni and Joonas book Winter night, but it works as an independent piece. The target age of the readers for this story is 7-10 years old children, either reading alone or together with their parents.

TALVIYÖ (Winternight)- The story

The main characters, siblings Sanni (5 years) and Joonas (7 years) live in a old wooden house with their mom and grandpa amazon fire stick apps. The Winter night story takes place in the coldest time of winter, when there’s lots of snow and not so much light. The story includes three independent dream stories inside a long story.

The story is organized in short sections, the text is kept short and simple so children can read the comic book themselves without adult help Christmas sticker to.

The target age of the readers for this story is 6-8 years old children, either reading alone or together with their parents.


The books are drawn for size 200 x 250 mm. The comic is in color, and they have 64-72 pages. It’s possible to add extra pages, exercises and other fun stuff in the end of the book.

The books are part of a series, but they work well on its own too. There is already a synopsis ready for the next book. In the series the characters will grow and change, just like in real life. The themes are going to continue to be everyday life things that children know from their own lives.

The rights to Talviyö (Winternight) book are sold to Swedish Raben&Sjögren and French La Pastèque.


kallemariMari Ahokoivu (b. 1984) has studied comics in Finland, France and Sweden. She’s been published in Finland and abroad. Ahokoivu also teaches comics and draws illustrations. She’s originally from up north of Finland, and now lives and works in Oulu.

Kalle Hakkola (b. 1971) is a librarian who’s been working as a director for the Comics Centre in Helsinki for many years. Hakkola has worked with comics in many roles including organizing events and festivals, editing books, coordinating exhibitions and writing articles on comics. In recent years he’s been focusing on children’s comics.

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